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To all N900 users out there.. if you have the time, take a few minutes to visit the Ovi Store and you will be able to see something new there; the twitter widget for N900 homescreen.

Nokia has released a widget that shows live stream of you Twitter timeline and displays them on your homscreen, with a nice and clean interface.

Once installed, it will appear on your homescreen. There are 2 buttons, login and sign up.

Since I already have a Twitter account, I tapped on login and it brings up the login screen.

The Twitter stream is quite slow. New twits is displayed every 10-15 seconds. Tapping on a tweet brings up the browser and it links to

Tapping on the bird allows us to update our Twitter status.

Basically this is all the widget can do. It is not a full blown Twitter application but still, it’s a good start by Nokia.

Get the Twitter widget for N900 from OviStore now!

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