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As we all already know, the N900 is lacking a proper and good looking Foursquare app… and the only option we have now is Barriosquare. To be honest the app is kinda sluggish.

If you are using the N900 and is looking for new ways to check-in, Cotchin is here for you.

It’s not a native app. You need to point your browser to and you will be greeted with a greenish site with all the common Foursquare features (after you login using your Foursquare credentials)

Here’s how your friends checkins look like. Clean and simple. It even tells you if you friend is a mayor of a certain location.

This screen shows the list of nearby locations. One thing though… it needs your GPS location in order to work. So you might need to stand near the window or something if you are indoor.

The checkin window lets you pick which social network to broadcast your location… and tells you if the location has any mayors.

Do check out Cotchin! if you own a Nokia N900.

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To all N900 users out there.. if you have the time, take a few minutes to visit the Ovi Store and you will be able to see something new there; the twitter widget for N900 homescreen.

Nokia has released a widget that shows live stream of you Twitter timeline and displays them on your homscreen, with a nice and clean interface.

Once installed, it will appear on your homescreen. There are 2 buttons, login and sign up.

Since I already have a Twitter account, I tapped on login and it brings up the login screen.

The Twitter stream is quite slow. New twits is displayed every 10-15 seconds. Tapping on a tweet brings up the browser and it links to

Tapping on the bird allows us to update our Twitter status.

Basically this is all the widget can do. It is not a full blown Twitter application but still, it’s a good start by Nokia.

Get the Twitter widget for N900 from OviStore now!

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Many have been waiting to this big firmware update for Maemo 5 devices especially the N900.

PR1.2 is finally here and it brings along a lot of fixes and new additions which makes us love the N900 more.

As usual, the firmware can be obtained via Over The Air (OTA) from your phone. Just go to applications manager > updates and you will see it.

The download then begins. It’s quite a large file.. about 113mb.. so WIFI connection is recommended.

The device updates itself to the new firmware without the need for us to do anything. Nice.

Here’s the list of PR1.2 changelog:
* Longpress to enter numbers/symbols on the keyboard.
* A revamped virtual keyboard.
* The ability to rearrange icons, no ‘more’ button in the menu.
* Changes to the camera UI, and a night mode for both photos and video.
* Qt 4.6.2 is now pre-installed.
* Video in Skype and Google Talk.
* The web browser now features a button to activate the portrait mode and a few more option while in the portrait mode.
* The browser benchmark also seems to have shot up from 8687 to 10141 with this leaked release.
* USSD codes now work.
* Type to search for apps in the Application Manager.
* Another addition is an email widget as well for the desktop.
* Updates to the Ovi Maps application, but no voice navigation yet.

If you own an N900, please update the firmware now! :D


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So I have been using the N900 for about a week. Many of my friends asked the same question everyday. “So, is it better than the iPhone?”
All I can say is that the N900 is of a different league and both of these devices excel in their own ways.

There are some things I really like on the N900. The uniqueness of the device is slowly showing itself and it’s getting more awesome. Haha.

This is the fluid homescreen whereby all the screens are joint and you can place all types of widgets on it; contacts, shortcuts, bookmarks and more. The flow of the screens is seamless and smooth as you slide from one side to the other.
Improvements: Hope Nokia will add the ability for the widgets to snap to grid or something. As we place new widgets on the screens, we may not be able to place them at the exact grid as one another so this may cause a very messy looking placement of widgets on the homescreen.

The N900 has multitasking ability and we can view all opened apps, chat windows and browser windows when we tap on the top left button once. Very much like the expose feature on Macs. These thumbnail previews are dynamic, which means you can still see the videos and games playing when they are minimised. Tapping the little “x” icon will exit the apps respectively.

Tapping the top left button again brings out the menu. The transition is great. With Mac like effects and not jerky at all. To view more icons, we have to tap on the “More” button at the bottom right. I think this is quite troublesome as we are used to scrolling on all other mobile devices.
Improvements: Scrap the more button and place everything in one screen.

The gallery is by far the most featureful I’ve seen so far compared to all the mobile phones out there. The thumbnails are separated by month, so it’s easy to look for the photo that you want. We can also tag the photos for easy filtering, say when we want to view photos of a particular subject. Other than filtering my tags, we can also specify the dates or duration of the photos taken at a specific time. Good stuff! Thumbs up to Nokia for this one.

Another feature that deserves applause is the contact list. Is it just a normal contact list/phonebook? No. Once we have set up our IMs on the N900 (MSN, Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo, Facebook etc), our contacts will appear in the phonebook. We can then filter by viewing the phonebook by status, so online friends are displayed first, followed by away, busy, offline and then phone contacts. We can also merge our phone contacts with IM. Great stuff. More detailed info on this in my upcoming posts.

As we all already know, the browser is running on Mozilla technology and supports Flash 9.4 and AJAX. This allows us to view flash videos or even play Farmville on it(although I have yet to try this). With the high resolution screen of 800×640, we can almost view the whole layout of any website we visit. Thumbs up.

There are, however, 2 things which dissapoint me.

Based on the screenshot above, we can share our photos via email, bluetooth and via services like Twitter, Flickr etc… hmm now.. where’s MMS? Yes the N900 doesnt support MMS currently and although there is a third party MMS app, I find it very sluggish and most of the time not workable.
Also, there is no video call function on the N900 despite the existence of a front camera above the screen. So to Nokia, will we get these features in the upcoming firmware update?

Check out the my brief demo video of the N900 below.

Detailed post and video of each and every feature on the N900 soon! Remember to bookmark meegopOp ok? :D

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Hey all! I just got the N900 from Nokia few days ago and here are some photos and brief into on the device + an unboxing video at the end.

Basically this is Nokia’s attempt in building a mobile computer with phone functions powered by Maemo 5. Not the usual Symbian OS found on other Nseries devices.
The N900 runs on ARM Cortex – A8 superscalar microprocessor core running at 600 MHz, has up to 1 GB of application memory and has a 3D graphics accelerator with OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

The N900 comes with 32 GB internal storage(which is expandable up to 48GB by adding in memory card)
The browser is built on Mozilla technology (and you can download Firefox browser from Ovistore now), has Flash 9.4 + AJAX support, means you can watch flash videos and even play Farmville on it! lol

It has a 5megapixel digital camera (Carl Zeiss optical lens) with dual LED flash and is able to record DVD quality video up to 800 × 480 resolution.

The screen is very hires. 800×480px. good enough to view a full website in one screen. Love the kickstand. It’s a lot easier to watch movies by placing the N900 on table with the stand.

More info soon! Check out the unboxing video below.

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Hi all. I was given a preview of the upcoming Nokia super device N900 recently and here are some photos and a brief video demo of it in this post.

Basically the N900 runs on Maemo platform, has 3D graphics accelerator with OpenGL ES 2.0 support, ARM Cortex – A8 superscalar microprocessor core running at 600 MHz and up to 1 GB of RAM.

Here’s a shot of the N900 side by side with the Nokia X6 which was launched recently. As you can see, its wider and longer as it has to fit bigger screen (3.5inches)

The device is actually quite thick. That’s because it has a slide-out full qwerty keyboard.

I will be posting PART 2 of this preview soon.

For now, lets watch this brief demo I recorded few hours ago.

YES The Nokia N900 is indeed coming to Malaysia and is available for pre-order. It’s priced at RM2288.
More info on Nokia N900 and MAEMO platform click here.

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