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Here’s the latest preview of Meego OS for smartphones. Love the interface and the animations between screens.

Do note that this is just early development and it will be improved towards final version. What do you think?

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The Meego Project has announced “Day 1″ of the handset user experience project and posted some screenshots and video of the interface.

The MeeGo Project Handset Day 1 includes:

* MeeGo APIs, incorporating Qt and MeeGo Touch UI Framework (MTF)
* Subset of the handset reference UI and applications
o Status Bar: clock, network, Bluetooth, 3G connection, notifications, and battery charge
o Home Screen
o Lock Screen
o Application Launcher
o Virtual Keyboard
o Applications: Dialer, SMS, Browser, Contacts, and Photo Viewer
* MeeGo Core OS (including the middleware components)
* Hardware adaptation support for Intel Atom-based handset (Moorestown) and ARM-based Nokia N900

These are early build (Developer Preview) of MeeGo running on a handset (Aava) which is not feature complete.

Check out this video below for full run though of the interface.

What do you think of the interface?


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As we all already know, the N900 is lacking a proper and good looking Foursquare app… and the only option we have now is Barriosquare. To be honest the app is kinda sluggish.

If you are using the N900 and is looking for new ways to check-in, Cotchin is here for you.

It’s not a native app. You need to point your browser to and you will be greeted with a greenish site with all the common Foursquare features (after you login using your Foursquare credentials)

Here’s how your friends checkins look like. Clean and simple. It even tells you if you friend is a mayor of a certain location.

This screen shows the list of nearby locations. One thing though… it needs your GPS location in order to work. So you might need to stand near the window or something if you are indoor.

The checkin window lets you pick which social network to broadcast your location… and tells you if the location has any mayors.

Do check out Cotchin! if you own a Nokia N900.

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