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Here we can see the 3 contenders, Nokia N900, Nokia X6 & iPhone 3Gs. Both the N900 and X6 have a 5mpx camera while the iPhone is 3mpx. It might not be fair for it to be included in this battle but I’ve decided to add it in anyway, just for fun.

The battle consists of 4 tests: Daylight, low light indoor, night and indoor macro. All photos below are unedited. I only resized them to 1024px wide and added captions.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Test 1: Daylight

Nokia N900 Nokia X6 iPhone 3Gs

Test 2: Low light indoor

Nokia N900 Nokia X6 iPhone 3Gs

Test 3: Night

Nokia N900 Nokia X6 iPhone 3Gs

Test 4: Indoor macro

Nokia N900 Nokia X6 iPhone 3Gs

My verdict:
N900 - Sharp images. Great exposure control in daylight. Bad noise control under low light. Has shallow depth of field for macro shots.
X6 – Best among all 3 devices. Superb exposure control in daylight. Good noise control under low light. Very sharp images under low light but photos are desaturated at the same time.
iPhone – High contrast and saturation in all photos. Not as sharp as the other 2 contenders in most cases. Bad noise control.

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